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Joined: Fri, Mar 17, 2023
Last Login: Fri, Mar 17, 2023
Moving to: Toronto, OH
Total tenants:4
Voucher limit:$4,000 per month
Rent portion:2,300 per month
Looking for:3 bedrooms
Move-in Date:2023-06-01

Applicant 1 38 years female Applicant 2 42 years old male common law partner of applicant 1 Child 1 11 years male Child 2 5 years male Pets 1 medium size dog neutered male 15 years old 1 small cat neutered male 6 years Target moving date between May to September 2023 flexible if needed for the right property Parking needed one vehicle Income Ontario works ACSDODSP Child Tax credit with disability amount Other monthly quarterly government related benefits credits Approx monthly combined income for Applicant 1 Applicant 2 350000 looking for 3 bedroom ideally but 2 den or large 2 bedroom unit or rowtownhouse with basement could potentially work as well due to our two young children that are both autistic with special complex needs they are several years difference in age We will also have funding for last months rent or firstlast deposit in the form of a money order or cheque to be issued directly to property management from Housing Stability fund through City of Toronto government program which is payable upon verification of acceptance for tenancy

Credit score is is mediocre for both applicant one an applicant to applicant one is currently rebuilding her credit and was just approved for a vehicle financing loan which resulted in the hard credit check dropping her credit score over 100 points she was advised that could take 6 months to bounce back and her regular on Time payments will reflect in and increased credit score in time Applicant number two has a low to fair credit score due to little or no credit history in the past as a result of personal beliefs or opinions as he does not like to spend what he does not have on hand and feel strongly against borrowing credit although he is aware that credit is fully necessary in this day and age We are originally from the Durham region area and resided in Oshawa for majority of adult life recently relocated to Toronto less than 2 years ago in the midst of the housing crisis although our intentions were good for a fresh start coming here we have had difficulty finding affordable housing that meets our income in the needs of our family with two young special needs children we have been waitlisted on subsidized housing lists here in Toronto and surrounding regions for many years and have not had any offers due to the fact that we are not priority applicants we need affordable housing more than ever and would like to stay in the Toronto area to keep our kids in the school they are attending as a good school is hard to come by especially when Im with good supports for complex disabled children were looking for somewhere we can finally settle for the long term that is affordable and suitable for her small family of four to grow and thrive in

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