About 2019-01-12 19:08:19

Hello, I am Hieu Nguyen, the founder of Hellosection8.com, a landlord and successful with Section 8 program in Phoenix of Arizona. 

Most of my properties are under the Section 8 Program. I rent them Section 8 tetants because I found Section 8 very beneficial for landlords.

I am involved in the Section 8 rental business since 2001 when I rented my first property. Since then, I became an expert at Section 8 rentals and I have done many Section 8 experiments.

When I was first starting as a landlord, there was something I was missing – precise, clear information and description on what should I do next. With that idea in mind, I created this website for the Section 8 landlords and Section 8 tenants. I understand what they need and that’s exactly what I want to help these groups with.

This website is inclusively focused on the Section 8 rental, it is very specific, clear, and accurate. Hello Section 8 is very easy to use and serves as a great help for landlords and tenants to connect with one another.

The goal of Hello Section8 is to encourage landlords to go Section 8 and allow the tenant to see their Section 8 listing. Following, the tenant should contact the landlord and start the negotiations. The landlord can also search for a Section 8 tenant and contact him/her.
In addition, Hello Section 8 tries to educate landlords about the Section 8, explain what the Section 8 is and support landlords to go Section 8.

The demand for the Section 8 is in the constant growth. However, there aren’t enough properties for rent. The biggest reason why We don’t have enough landlords in the Section 8 is that they don’t understand the Section 8 program, nor how it works. This website explains how to get into Section 8 business as a landlord and start renting your property to a Section 8 tenant.
You can use Hello Section8 on your Internet browser, or download and install the app on your phone.

With a powerful website like Hello Section 8, the Section 8 landlords and Section 8 tenants can get in touch very quickly. Afterward, they can come to the most convenient agreement and go Section 8 faster than they imagined.