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Defining Disabilities According To HUD- Every Section 8 Tenant Must Know - Sat Oct 8, 2022
The HUD and Department of Justice work together to implement Fair Housing Act. Their rules ensure that there will be no discrimination based on color, race, national origin, disability, and family status. You may have heard about the Section 8 housing program. This program also has eliminated any type of disabilities.  Some tenants claim that landlords have not accepted them due to their inability and physical issues. However, there will be no such issue in case of Section 8 tenants. But, who are physically d ... read
How To Get Section 8 Voucher For Your Urgent Needs - Sat Oct 8, 2022
Proper accommodation is one of the basic needs in every human’s life. When you search for a housing solution, it is really challenging to go through a complicated process. Section 8 tenants in America claim that they need to undergo some steps to avail of the voucher. But, is there any way to take advantage of the Section 8 voucher for your urgent needs?    Contact the housing authority Regardless of your situation and needs, you should communicate with the housing authority to become a tenant un ... read
A Brief Look At The 2023 Fair Market Rents - Released By HUD - Wed Oct 5, 2022
The housing rental rate has been on the rise in the last few years. You can notice this trend in the present rental market also. Recently, HUD declared the Fair Market Rent. However, it is good news for tenants because this authority has thought of taking a strong step to increase the number of computations of FMR.  Release of the new FMRs by the HUD- On 1st September, the housing authority declared the FMR for the financial year 2023. In most of the regions, there has been an increase in rent by 2 to 4%. Ho ... read
Section 8 Housing Review For Landlords - Is It A Good Choice? - Wed Oct 5, 2022
As a landlord, you own a few rental properties that have become a source of steady income. You have a good portfolio of renting out your rental houses. However, at times, you think of taking advantage of the government program Section 8. Is it the right choice for property owners? Will it be profitable to become a Section 8 landlord? A comprehensive review of the Section 8 program will enable you to make a decision. Section 8 tenants refer to renters eligible for the Housing Voucher Program. These tenants have a v ... read
Section 8 Secrets For Disabled Persons - Wed Oct 5, 2022
Physical disabilities make our life distressing. We are unable to work properly, earn money, and pay bills. Imagine a situation when you are a tenant with a disability. Due to the loss of wages, you cannot pay your rent on time. Ultimately, it results in the loss of a home. But, in this situation, you can take advantage of the Section 8 housing program. Disabled Americans can rely on government programs for housing assistance. However, most of them do not know that special policies have been implemented to help the ... read
Why Should You Avoid Renting Your House To Section 8 Tenants? - Wed Oct 5, 2022
The Housing Choice Voucher program, also known as Section 8, is a special government-aided program for rental assistance. In the USA, HUD runs the program for disabled persons, elderly citizens, and low-income families. This program has also attracted several landlords, as there is a large pool of potential tenants. Their rental houses do not remain vacant for a long period. These are some advantages of the Section 8 housing program. However, some risks are also associated with the Section 8 housing voucher program ... read
How To Remove Your Section 8 Renters From Your House - Sun Oct 2, 2022
Some landlords claim that it is not easy to deal with Section 8 tenants who cause problems. The most important step is to let your potential Section 8 tenants undergo a screening process. It helps you identify genuine tenants. Still, the screening process does not guarantee the reliability of tenants. So, how will you get rid of your Section 8 tenants? Your renters can cause issues at any time. Thus, it is essential to learn about the eviction process. What you must know about Section 8 tenants The Fair Housing A ... read
How To Turn Your Rental Property Into Section 8 Rental House - Sun Oct 2, 2022
Some landlords in the USA do not think of taking advantage of Section 8 rental housing program. Interestingly, there are some misconceptions about this federal program. These myths prevent them from choosing Section 8 rental houses. Landlords feel that they will not get good tenants through this program. Others are not confident about the way to convert their properties into Section 8 rental houses. Section 8 rental program for landlords- The best fact is that this government-backed program works effectively for ... read
Landlords Not Accepting Section 8 Voucher For Apartments - Wed Sep 28, 2022
Section 8 housing is a voucher-based program that has helped several Americans to find accommodation at a low rental charge. The rental assistance from the federal government has reduced the financial burden of paying a hefty amount as rent. However, until you have found the right house with your voucher, you cannot be free from tension. Surely, you cannot choose almost any rental house in the USA. The landlord should register his property with the section 8 program. But, in recent years, some tenants have claimed ... read
Getting Low-Income Housing Fast- Find The Best Options - Wed Sep 28, 2022
Americans have opportunities to find low-income housing in the USA. But, the problem is that long waiting lists delay them in locating the desired low-cost house. Applicants have to prove that their income is below average, and it enables them to access affordable rental housing. There are 3 programs in the USA to let you find the low-income housing solution. They are subsidized privately-owned housing, public housing, and Section 8, also known as the housing voucher program. You must contact the public housing a ... read
Section 8 for You: Breaking Down the Waiting List - Tue Sep 27, 2022
Like any government-aided program in America, the Section 8 Housing scheme has its own set of difficulties, pushbacks, and problems. Not that this scheme hasn't helped hundreds of thousands of people to find lodgings and accommodation, but as you may well have guessed, some families have had to wait for over five years to find a home. As is apparent, the waiting list for Section 8 Housing is tremendously long. According to a statistical study done in Nevada, the waiting period can last up to a decade among the fift ... read
A Newbie's Guide to Section 8 Housing - Tue Sep 27, 2022
You would be surprised to know that in the entire country of America, no American who works a full-time minimum wage can afford to pay for a one-bedroom without spending 30% of their income. This is where assisted housing from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in the form of Section 8 Housing comes in. Read on as we break down the very basics of it. What is Section 8 Housing? Under Section 8 of the Housing Act of 1937, the HUD collaborates with Public Housing Agencies to hand out Vouchers ... read
Can You Move To A Different City With Your Section 8 Voucher? - Tue Sep 27, 2022
Vouchers are tenant-based subsidies, which provide the best rental assistance to low-income families in the USA. The best fact is that they are mobile. You can transfer to a different city without losing the validity of your voucher. Thus, portability is one of the positive aspects of section 88 housing vouchers.   Section 8 housing voucher transfer Timing is one of the major challenges that you will face while trying to transfer your voucher for Section 8 housing. You have to move fast for a successful tran ... read
Section 8 Tenant Screening- Known about the Background Check - Tue Sep 27, 2022
Have you made your rental property accessible to Section 8 tenants? According to this housing program, the government will pay a part of the rental payment. So, you think that Section 8 housing will bring you a steady source of income. But, what will happen when you have mistakenly chosen unreliable tenants? You may have heard horror stories related to tenants who have not been screened. Thus, a background check is a must when you have thought of engaging new tenants. Although the government will pay the major part ... read
Know About The Section 8 Process As A Landlord - Tue Sep 27, 2022
Several Americans look for affordable accommodation, and the Section8 housing program has come to their help. This program connects them to the landlord, who provides decent housing solutions. However, as a landlord also, you will find this housing program beneficial. Thus, how will you become a Section 8 landlord? A brief discussion on the process will remove your queries. Things that you must know before dealing with the Section 8 process Section 8 can become your additional source of income. There is no rule ... read
Are Mobile Homes Eligible For Section 8 Housing Program? - Tue Sep 27, 2022
Mobile homes have gained high popularity in the USA, as they can last for a long period. Several Americans like to reside in these mobile homes and choose them as their rental accommodation. But, as a mobile home owner, you can question about the eligibility of this type of property. It is important to understand your rights and know the requirements. What are the rules about mobile homes? The rights of conventional homeowners are not different from the owners of prefabricated homes. Still, there are variations o ... read
Bypassing The Section 8 Waiting List- Learn A Few Secrets - Tue Sep 27, 2022
Have you thought of taking advantage of the Housing Choice Voucher program? Millions of Americans apply for this Section 8 voucher program to get clean, safe, and affordable housing solutions. However, before sending your application, you have to be aware of the biggest truth. There is a chance of finding your name on the long waiting list. Several Americans claim that it takes years to get rental assistance. Interestingly, some applicants find an opportunity to jump to the top of the waiting list. But, how will yo ... read
How Much Will The Government Pay For Your Section 8 Voucher? - Tue Sep 27, 2022
The Section 8 housing program is truly an advantageous option for tenants who are looking for affordable accommodations. The Federal government will pay a significant part of the rental payment, while the tenants will pay the rest of the amount. But, how much will be paid for every voucher under the Section 8 housing program?  The amount that the government will pay varies with different factors- your income level and the place where you reside. The amount that is to be paid against the voucher will be close ... read
What Are The Major Issues With Section 8 Housing? - Tue Sep 27, 2022
The section 8 housing program is intended to provide accommodation to low-income families in the USA. It seems to be advantageous for both landlords and tenants. While tenants need to pay only a part of their rent, landlords receive guaranteed payments from the government. However, do both parties really obtain benefits from the housing voucher program? There are some issues related to section 8 housing. Before taking part in the program, you need to know about these details. Is the housing program really benefici ... read
Can You Increase Your Rental Charge For Section 8 Tenants? - Tue Sep 27, 2022
Have you participated in the HUD section 8 program in the USA? You like to make your rental house available to section 8 tenants. As a landlord under this program, you need to follow some strict rules. Those who have multi-family properties can easily take advantage of this program and earn a good amount every month. However, there is one big question for landlords- Can we raise the rental charge under the section 8 program? The short answer is- Yes. You have the right to raise your rental charge. But, you should ... read
Section 8 Renting- Know The Pros And Cons - Tue Sep 27, 2022
Section 8 housing program is highly beneficial, as it helps several low-income families to find rental accommodation in the USA. Potential tenants need to apply for vouchers to take advantage of this program. But, are they easily able to locate a house after receiving the voucher? Several families have complained that they have faced challenges in finding the section 8 house. It is truly a frustrating situation for tenants. Especially, the aged persons who have physical issues feel distressed while finding the sect ... read
Section 8 Tenants Cannot Find The Rental House Easily - Tue Sep 27, 2022
Section 8 housing program is highly beneficial, as it helps several low-income families to find rental accommodation in the USA. Potential tenants need to apply for vouchers to take advantage of this program. But, are they easily able to locate a house after receiving the voucher? Several families have complained that they have faced challenges in finding the section 8 house. It is truly a frustrating situation for tenants. Especially, the aged persons who have physical issues feel distressed while finding the sect ... read
Who Are Eligible For Section 8 Housing? - Tue Sep 27, 2022
Section 8 rules have not set the amount you will receive as a rental payment. However, PHA has introduced payment standards related to section 8 housing. It is an amount to rent a reasonably priced housing solution in the market.  A family that receives a housing voucher can look for accommodation with the rental amount below/above the PHA’s standard. This standard can range from basic to high-opportunity rents in the USA. Citizenship status Both US residents and non-residents can apply for section 8 ... read
How To Earn More From Section 8 Housing - Tue Sep 27, 2022
Several Americans look for affordable accommodation as they belong to a low-income family. That is why they rely on the Section 8 housing program to connect with landlords. They can find quality rental houses at a reasonable rate. However, landlords have found it an opportunity to earn a good amount from the real estate market. They try to earn more from the Section 8 program. As a section 8 landlord, your goal is to earn more from your investment. You have a rental property, and you like to find good tenants for ... read
Guide To Getting Emergency Section 8 Housing Voucher - Tue Sep 27, 2022
Do you need emergency housing solutions for your personal needs? The good news is that HUD sponsors give you an opportunity to take advantage of emergency housing options. It is especially available for those who are homeless. You can easily avail the program online by accessing the HUD’s website. But, how will you get this emergency housing? Eligibility to get emergency section 8 housing voucher You need to fulfill some requirements to get the emergency section 8 voucher. You have a chance of obtaining an ... read
How To Buy A House With Your Section 8 Voucher - Tue Sep 27, 2022
Section 8 is a popular federal program known for providing rental housing assistance to low-income households. Under this program, qualified tenants can take advantage of the Housing Choice Voucher. A part of their monthly rent will be paid by the government. But, several families who have become eligible for this program do not know they can buy a house using the voucher. They can use the fund to invest in a home in the USA. Maybe, you are presently a tenant with a Section 8 voucher. Still, you will find an oppor ... read
Section 8 Voucher- Learn Everything About It - Tue Sep 27, 2022
You may have applied for rental assistance under the Section 8 housing program. After waiting for years or months, you have finally obtained approval for the voucher. However, to get the voucher, you need to attend orientation. Thus, it is better to learn about the orientation of Section 8 housing vouchers. Validity of your voucher- Section 8 is currently known as the Housing Choice Voucher program. You have privileges to select your own unit. However, you need to belong to a low-income family to apply for this v ... read
How To Look For Section 8 Housing - Tue Sep 27, 2022
Section 8 housing is a federal program to help disabled persons, elderly citizens, and impoverished families find the most affordable accommodation. Landlords who have joined this housing program have set a standard charge for their rental houses. Millions of families reside in subsidized units that are under the Section 8 housing program. The earnings of these families are not more than $20,000 per year. However, some potential tenants claim that finding a house under this government-backed program is not easy. Th ... read
Section 8 Housing- Unit Size And Room Size Requirements - Tue Sep 27, 2022
Several low-income families in the USA like to take advantage of the Section 8 housing program. Due to this special program, it has become easy to pay the rental charge. The housing authority will pay a part of their monthly rents. But, what type of rooms will tenants get from Section 8 tenants. It is better to know about the room requirements, which are important for both landlords and tenants.  Requirements are highly important to get the rental permit. Bedroom requirements according to Section 8 rules So ... read
Section 8 Inspection- Learn About The Inspection Process - Tue Sep 27, 2022
The Section 8 program is one of the popular housing assistance programs in the USA. The federal government aims to provide affordable accommodation to low-income Americans. Landlords also like to rent out their houses to Section 8 tenants. They receive the monthly rental payment from the local housing authority. Without much effort in marketing, they can find tenants. But, operating Section 8 housing can result in some challenges. Your house needs to undergo an inspection process to be eligible for taking part in t ... read
Guide To Becoming The Section 8 Landlord - Tue Sep 27, 2022
As a landlord, your target is to earn revenues from your rental property. The Section 8 Housing program surely provides you with this opportunity. However, you will also get the biggest joy of helping needy persons. The program being highly popular, several tenants in the urban regions are on the waiting lists. That is why you can participate in the program and make your property marketable. It will be easy to draw tenants to your property and earn from your rental house consistently. Your house will not be vacant ... read
Section 8 Landlords- What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages? - Tue Sep 27, 2022
Finding an affordable house has become a challenge for several Americans. Most of them have turned to the Section 8 Housing Program to solve this problem. This special program connects them to landlords who are ready to provide decent housing. Potential landlords have found it an opportunity to earn from the real estate market. However, does this program truly benefit them? Advantages of becoming a landlord under Section 8 Housing Receive rental payments consistently from the government One of the major reas ... read
Section 8 Housing Application - How to Apply for Section 8 Housing - Tue Sep 27, 2022
Several residents in the USA do not earn much amount to pay their mortgage and monthly rent. The good news is that they can apply for Section 8 housing (also referred to as housing choice vouchers). It is truly not easy to claim government assistance. However, you may not find it challenging to apply for Section 8 Housing. Learn the basics of Section 8 Housing   Public Housing Authorities are responsible for administering Section 8 Housing. Tenant-based and project-based vouchers are available for you. The ... read
How Does Section 8 Housing Work - Tue Sep 27, 2022
Are you looking for government assistance to pay your rent? Americans in low-income households can be eligible for Section 8 Housing. It is a federal program that gives a voucher to applicants. You can also apply for this assistance, as the PHA will pay a part of your rent. More than 4 million residents in the USA have qualified for this Housing scheme. But, how does Section 8 Housing work? The Housing Act of 1937 authorized the program, which is intended to help the disabled, seniors, and low-income persons. The ... read
Section 8 for You: Breaking Down the Waiting List' - Tue Sep 27, 2022
Like any government-aided program in America, the Section 8 Housing scheme has its own set of difficulties, pushbacks, and problems. Not that this scheme hasn't helped hundreds of thousands of people to find lodgings and accommodation, but as you may well have guessed, some families have had to wait for over five years to find a home. As is apparent, the waiting list for Section 8 Housing is tremendously long. According to a statistical study done in Nevada, the waiting period can last up to a decade among the fift ... read
Miami Dade needs all of its residents to be counted in the census - Thu May 2, 2019
On Tuesday, the Supreme Court of Justice began evaluating a controversial issue: whether the Trump administration can add to the 2020 census form a question about the status of people's citizenship. Miami-Dade County officials expect the court to reject this claim. The county leaders are right to be concerned, because the financial health of our community is at stake. The question of citizenship on the census form can have the effect of stealing valuable funds from us. In order to obtain the adequate financin ... read
Investment of $ 13.1 million in rehabilitation of Section 8 apartments - Sat Feb 9, 2019
By redaction of Sin ComillasThe company Fernando L. Sumaza & Co. will invest $ 13.1 million in the rehabilitation of the Alturas apartment complex at Monte Verde Apartments, in Vega Alta, for participants of the Section 8 Program Section 8 of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). in English). The works will generate 52 jobs. "In Fernando L. Sumaza & Co. we received with optimism the tax credits received under section 42 of the internal revenue code for low-cost housing and HOME funds that ... read
Wide demand for section 8 rental housing - Sat Feb 2, 2019
Some 830,739 people occupy units in lease The economic situation of the country, the emigration, the devaluation of the properties and the passage of the hurricanes Irma and María by the Island, have been some of the triggers that have triggered the lease of housing, with 26% of the population in the rental market, which is equivalent to 830,739 people. The data comes from a demographic study conducted by the firm Gaither International during 2018, which places the municipalities of Arecibo and San Juan ... read
Partial closure of government could affect Section 8 - Thu Jan 17, 2019
Funds for Southern California could last only until March if this situation continues.     People who depend on Section 8 funds in Southern California could be affected if the partial closure of the government continues.   The funds that provide assistance to some 125,000 families dependent on Section 8 could be exhausted by the end of February if an agreement on the partial closure of the government is not reached, OC Register reported.   This could also affect people who are at the to ... read
Public housing said to meet with residents of the Gladiolus - Thu Jan 3, 2019
The Deputy Administrator of the Unit anticipated that the first units of the new Renaissance Square project could be delivered this month The project type walk-up Renaissance Square, built in the area that formerly occupied the towers of the Gladioli public housing complex, was developed by the firm McCormack Baron Salaza. (Luis Alcalá del Olmo)   The public housing administration denied yesterday that it fails to comply with the agreements reached with so exresidentes of The Gladiolus returned to ... read
Inaugurate luxury residential complex for participants of the Section 8 Program - Fri Dec 21, 2018
The condo is located in Hato Rey   The Department of Housing (DV) and the Housing Financing Authority (AFV) inaugurated on Thursday, the residential complex The Golden Residences at The Village in Hato Rey, which seeks to meet the needs of senior citizens in Puerto Rico, informed the secretary of the DV, Fernando Gil Enseñat.   "This residential project, designed for the elderly population on the Island, under the subsidy of Section 8 program, fully complies with the programmatic commitment o ... read
Puerto Rico loses its most important ally within the federal government - Thu Dec 20, 2018
The secretary of the local Housing Department reacts to the resignation of the HUD deputy secretary, Pamela PatenaudeThe resignation of the Secretary of the federal Housing Department , Pamela Patenaude , represents for Puerto Rico the loss of "the most important ally" in the process of recovery of the country after Hurricane Maria.This was recognized this morning by the Secretary of the Department of Housing, Fernando Gil . " Puerto Rico loses not only a great ally ... but within the federal government the most im ... read
They open lists to request public housing in Chicago - Thu Dec 20, 2018
It is the first time since 2014 that the Chicago Housing Authority will accept new applications.CHICAGO- The Housing Authority of Chicago this week opened its waiting list for all families wishing to apply for affordable housing or subsidies for the payment of rent for the first time since 2014.The Chicago Housing Authority will be accepting new applicants who wish to live in buildings managed by the agency or wish to enroll in the voucher program. The waiting list excludes housing under the Section 8 program. The ... read
For the first time in two years they give Section 8 vouchers for housing in NYC - Wed Dec 19, 2018
The city promises to speed up the application process and has 6,200 bonuses by March   Taking advantage of an increase in federal funds , this week the city began issuing "Section 8" subsidy coupons for the first time in two years, during which a waiting list of 104,000 people was accumulated.   For now there are 6,200 coupons available , of which 35 have already been granted. It is estimated to have allocated 2 thousand by mid-July and to deliver the rest until March 2019. Some will go directly to t ... read
The most effective way to find tetants for your rental property - Wed Dec 19, 2018
If you are a landlord and own a townhouse, condo, duplex, or apartments that are up for rent, you will occasionally face times when you face a vacancy and need to fill it as soon as possible. A vacant unit results in lost income, and it is always in your best interest to be prepared to rent a space. Below, I’ll outline some of the lessons that I have learned as a long-term landlord in ensuring my properties have a low vacancy rate, and that I have maintained excellent relationships with my tenants. Advert ... read
Handling eviction with a tenant who has stopped paying rent - Wed Dec 19, 2018
Many people picture landlords as extremely wealthy, with access to unlimited cash flow. In my experience, most landlords are just like me - people who have a day job and who have invested in a property to bring in some passive income on the side. When you are able to find good and reliable tenants, this system works well. But, for non-professional landlords, bad tenants and tenant relationships can bring about more stress than your rental income is worth. When a tenant stops paying rent, the landlord has financia ... read
The Section 8 FAQ Series for Landlords - Wed Dec 19, 2018
What should you do if a Section 8 Tenant fails to pay their rent?   As a landlord, a failure by a tenant to pay their rent is not quite as devastating as in other situations. You’ll still receive your monthly payment through the Section 8 program whether or not your tenant has paid their share. But, what should you do if your tenant fails to pay their rent? As a landlord, you have rights when it comes to approaching eviction. But, with years of working with Section 8 tenants as a busy landlord, I&rsqu ... read
Maintaining Privacy for your Section 8 Tenants - Wed Dec 19, 2018
Renting out property through the Section 8 voucher program is a way to help low-income families without decreasing the income you can receive through your holdings. As a landlord, I have rented to Section 8 tenants for many years, and have found the experience to be deeply rewarding, and financially beneficial to me. When you rent an apartment or home to a tenant who has a Section 8 voucher, your rent is paid in part through the Section 8 program, and in part by the tenant. Though there is some stigma that surround ... read
Dealing with the Section 8 Voucher Limit - Tue Jan 8, 2019
Working with Section 8 tenants can take a small learning curve, but is a very worthwhile and financially rewarding way to ensure high occupancy in your rentals. One thing that some landlords and tenants struggle with when dealing with Section 8 housing is the voucher limits involved in providing vouchers.   To match families with housing that suits their size, vouchers are approved with an alotted number of bedrooms. Because Section 8 rentals are in short supply, these bedroom limitations can further narrow ... read
Understanding lease terms with Section 8 tenants - Wed Dec 19, 2018
Can I serve my Section 8 tenant with 30-days notice to vacate? When a tenant signs a lease with you under Section 8, it follows the same rules as a nother lease. Once the initial term has ended, the lease moves to a month-to-month rental under the same leasing conditions. Because these leases operate in the same way that any other would, as a landlord, you do have the right to serve a tenant with 30 days notice to vacate if you’ll be selling the property, or if you plan to use the home for your own family. ... read
Guide For Tetant To Go Section 8 - Tue Dec 11, 2018
Section 8 Tenant Looking for A Place to Rent Let’s assume that you are a tenant in the Section 8 program, you have the Section 8 Voucher ready and you have started to search for rentals to move in to. As you probably already know, it is not easy to find landlords that take Section 8. While Section 8 tenants are a lot more than landlord-accepted Section 8, there is still a deficit in landlords. For that reason, it is challenging to search rentals within the Section 8 Program. I will guide you step by st ... read
Guide For Landlord To Go Section 8 - Tue Dec 11, 2018
What is Section 8? Section 8 is a program designed to help American citizens with low income by assisting them with rental payments. Section 8 is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and has two branches: Housing Choice Voucher and "project-based" program. The Housing Choice Voucher ("tenant-based") gives the tenant an opportunity to choose a housing location. The "project-based" assistance, however, requires a tenant to live at a specific property. Types of Rental Properties Included ... read
Privacy Policy - Fri Jan 1, 2021
This Privacy Policy covers how HelloSection8 or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates (collectively "HelloSection8") treats personal information that HelloSection8 collects and receives in connection with your use of the games and applications offered by HelloSection8. This includes software that you have downloaded or are about to download, any software that you have embedded on a web site or are about to embed ("HelloSection8"), any applications created by HelloSection8 and available through social networking sit ... read
Terms - Tue Dec 11, 2018
Terms for a Landlord If you are a property owner and you register an account on hellosection8.com, you agree that you are willing to rent the listed property to a Section 8 tenant. The Section 8 tenant will contact you by email or phone; based on the information you provide on the website. Your Section 8 listing must be active. If you rent out the property to a tenant, you must deactivate the Section 8 listing within 24 hours. You must be the owner or manager of the property in order to post that property on the ... read
About - Sat Jan 12, 2019
Hello, I am Hieu Nguyen, the founder of Hellosection8.com, a landlord and successful with Section 8 program in Phoenix of Arizona.  Most of my properties are under the Section 8 Program. I rent them Section 8 tetants because I found Section 8 very beneficial for landlords. I am involved in the Section 8 rental business since 2001 when I rented my first property. Since then, I became an expert at Section 8 rentals and I have done many Section 8 experiments. When I was first starting as a landlord, there was ... read