Terms for a Landlord

If you are a property owner and you register an account on hellosection8.com, you agree that you are willing to rent the listed property to a Section 8 tenant. The Section 8 tenant will contact you by email or phone; based on the information you provide on the website.

Your Section 8 listing must be active. If you rent out the property to a tenant, you must deactivate the Section 8 listing within 24 hours.

You must be the owner or manager of the property in order to post that property on the Section 8 listing.

All the images you upload to our website must be NOT subject copyright.

The address of your property (house, single family home, apartment, townhouse, duplex, triplex, fourplex, mobile home) must be correct.

All the information you provide to the website must be accurate and correct.
You cannot post a duplicated Section 8 listing.

You are allowed to contact the Section 8 tenant inclusively to discuss the rental. You cannot contact the tenant for any other purpose.

You cannot signup to Hellosection8.com with more than one account.

The property you want to put on the Section 8 listing must be in the United States.

Your ad content must be completely clean, free of racism, slang and/or determination.

You must be at least 18 years old to register an account on Hellosection8.com and make a post.

Your contact information (office address, email address, phone number) must be active and correct.

You are not allowed to upload a photo of a human to the ad listing. You can inclusively upload photos of the property.



Terms for a Tenant

If you are a tenant and sign up at Hellosection8.com, you must be in the Section 8 Program already.

You must have the Section 8 voucher ready and search rentals accordingly.

Landlord will contact you via email or phone, depending on the information you provide on the website.

Make sure all the contact information you provide is active.

All the information you enter while signing up must be correct.

Any tetants must be 18 years old or older to register at Hellosection8.com.

If you found a place you want to rent, deactivate your profile. That way, other landlords won’t be able to see your profile. In case you want to continue to search rentals, turn the profile back on.

You can use the website to contact the landlord inclusively for renting purposes. You cannot contact the landlord to ask questions such as, “Do you need clean up services?” or similar.

You can send a message to the landlord by using our message system. Your words must be clean, free of slang, racism, and similar offensive content.


Terms for Landlords, Tenants and Anyone Using the Site

You can download, print or copy the content on the website, as long as you use it for reference only.

You are not allowed to redistribute the content from the website without a permission.

You are not allowed to spam our website users. You do not have a permission to offer any services or try to sell anything on the website.



Privacy Policy

Hellosection8.com serves to connect the landlords and tenants only. We are not responsible for anything happening between the landlord and the tenant. Hellosection8 is not dealing with leasing, contract agreement, deposit, housing authority, etc.

We review every signed up account and ad listings. In case any ad or account contain content that does not meet our guidelines, we will automatically ban it the object from the site.

Your content may appear on other websites included in our next work.

When you sign up at Hellosection8.com, you also sign up for a newsletter via email. You will regularly receive news, notifications, surveys and similar content from the website.

Hellosection8.com saves your IP when you login; the website also uses cookies. Log out of your account before leaving the site.

We can review your message if the government needs it for an investigation.

We are using (SSL)

Our site might link to another website, which has its own policy.

Your Section 8 listing can be on the top or bottom, depending on our system.

We hold the right to change the privacy policy anytime, without a prior notice.

How do I delete my account
First you need to login in the system with you username then Click here to remove my account
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