Guaranteed Monthly Payments for Struggling Families in Saint Louis City: Relief on the Horizon

*October 10, 2023*

Saint Louis City is taking a significant step towards helping families who have been grappling with financial hardships brought about by the pandemic. The much-anticipated Saint Louis Guaranteed Basic Income Bill, known as Board Bill 116, is set to provide a lifeline for those in need, offering $500 in monthly payments with no strings attached. This initiative is complemented by efforts to improve affordable housing and Section 8 housing options in the city.

Our correspondent, Sydney Stallworth, is live this morning to provide insights on what we can expect to hear from the city’s leaders later today.

*Sydney:* “Thank you, Michelle. It’s called the Saint Louis Guaranteed Basic Income Bill, and the bill sponsor says it will provide $500 a month to Saint Louis families who need that money. Most notably, it comes with no strings attached. This morning at 11:30, we’re going to learn more from Saint Louis Mayor Jones and the City Treasurer about what this program means and how you can sign up.

Let me tell you a little bit more about this. Bill 116 stipulates the following criteria: To be eligible, you must be a low-income parent with a child in a Saint Louis public school under the age of 18. Your household income must be at or below 170% of the federal poverty line, and for single parents, this means making around $31,000 a year. For couples, the annual income limit to qualify is approximately $39,000.

In addition to the Guaranteed Basic Income Bill, today, the Saint Louis Housing, Urban Development, and Zoning Committee will also hear Board Bill 131, which aims to create more affordable housing options in the city. Saint Louis has allocated $26 million in federal funds to support this initiative. The funding will be used to renovate and reopen more than 120 public housing units, which will include drywall repair, plumbing improvements, the installation of new appliances, and HVAC replacements. Moreover, some of the funds will be provided to social service groups to assist homeless individuals in securing housing, including Section 8 housing.

It is worth noting that the discussion surrounding this bill coincides with today being World Homeless Day. It also comes just days after the city ordered the removal of dozens of homeless people living on the front lawn of City Hall in protest due to a perceived lack of resources. The city’s commitment to addressing homelessness and providing affordable housing options is evident through these initiatives.

The discussion on these bills is set to take place during an online meeting at 11 a.m. this morning. Reporting live from downtown Saint Louis, I’m Sydney Stallworth for Five on your side.”

The Saint Louis Guaranteed Basic Income Bill, along with the city’s commitment to improving affordable housing and Section 8 housing options, are promising developments in the city’s efforts to provide assistance to those in need, particularly during these challenging times. The residents of Saint Louis are eagerly awaiting further details on these programs as they represent a significant step forward in helping struggling families and addressing homelessness while also addressing the need for affordable housing solutions.

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