Historic Fire Station in Brunswick to Transform into Affordable Housing and Brewery Offering Affordable Housing


October 11, 2023 – Brunswick, Maine

The town of Brunswick is set to see a revitalization of a historic fire station, offering more affordable housing and a new home for a local business. Newsom Springs reporter Alex Haskell brings us the story of this innovative project aimed at breathing new life into an old landmark, providing much-needed affordable housing options for the community.

Many residents of Brunswick remember their childhood experiences at the fire station, from fire safety classes to trick-or-treating. The historic Central Fire Station in Brunswick, once home to the town’s firefighters, is now getting a new lease on life, thanks to the efforts of State Senator Marty Daughtry and her partner Philip Welsh, who own Moderation Brewery.

Daughtry and Welsh expressed their desire to remain and grow in Brunswick, and an opportunity arose when the town opened bids for the redevelopment of the fire station. The bid submitted by Daughtry and Welsh’s Moderation Brewery was the only one, receiving overwhelming approval with a 7 to 1 vote from the town council.

The approved plans for the station include transforming it into affordable housing units, a community kitchen, and the new headquarters for Moderation Brewery. This project aims to create a space for community gatherings and preserve the town’s rich history, all while providing affordable housing options to the residents.

“We’ve had people who have met and actually gotten married at the brewery; we’re family-friendly,” Senator Daughtry said. “This enables us to grow that feeling and not have to leave our beloved downtown while also addressing the need for more affordable housing.”

The development of the fire station won’t be carried out by Daughtry and Welsh alone. Developers Collaborative, who will purchase the station for $200,000, plan to invest $3.5 million to redevelop it into a thriving community hub with affordable housing options. Mike Line, a senior project manager for Developers Collaborative, expressed his excitement about the project.

“I love working in Maine’s downtowns. We do a lot with historic rehabilitation. We know how important it is to develop these side streets and bring them closer to Main Street,” Line said.

However, the project is not without its critics. Councilor Steve Walker voted against it, arguing that it does not provide enough affordable housing. The project is set to offer five housing units, while some believe it could have accommodated more to meet the demand for affordable housing.

Daughtry, in response to the criticism, argued that the project follows a common model of having commercial space on the first floor and affordable housing on the second. She believes this initiative will benefit the community, one brew and one apartment at a time, addressing the pressing need for affordable housing in the town.

The transformation of the historic fire station into a multi-purpose community space represents an exciting opportunity for Brunswick, where people can come together and celebrate the town’s history and future while also addressing the demand for affordable housing.

Alex Haskell, New Center, Maine, for Newsom Springs.

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