Housing Authority of Pasco and Franklin County Reopens Public Housing Waiting List

Pasco, WA – The Housing Authority of the City of Pasco and Franklin County (HACPFC) is pleased to announce the reopening of its Public Housing waiting list for apartments of various sizes, including 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 bedrooms. The waiting list had been closed since August 2023 but is now open for new applicants.

The application period for the waiting list will run from October 9, 2023, at 10:00 am to October 12, 2023, at 4:30 pm PT. This presents a unique opportunity for individuals and families in need of affordable housing in the Pasco and Franklin County area.

Interested individuals can apply in one of two ways:

  1. Online Application: Applicants can complete the online application by visiting the following URL: https://list.hacpfc.org/
  2. In-Person Assistance: For those who may require assistance with the online application process, you can call (509) 547-3581 to schedule an appointment for assistance at the HACPFC office, located at 2505 W. Lewis Street, Pasco, WA 99301.

Preferences will be given to specific groups on the waiting list, as follows:

  • Elderly Family: This category includes individuals aged 62 or older, two or more elderly individuals living together, or elderly persons living with live-in aides.
  • Disabled Family: Preferences are granted to families with a head, cohead, spouse, or member with disabilities, two or more disabled individuals living together, or disabled individuals living with live-in aides.
  • Working Families: HACPFC gives preference to working families, where the head, spouse, cohead, or sole member is employed for at least 20 hours per week for a minimum of 90 days. This preference also extends to families where the head and spouse or sole member is elderly or disabled.
  • Veterans: Veterans of the United States military service who have been discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorably, as well as the unmarried spouses of service members who lost their lives during active military service, receive a preference.
  • Foster Youth: Young adults transitioning out of foster care or those who have already left foster care are given preference in the waiting list.

It’s important to note that the specific order in which applicants will be placed on the waiting list based on these preferences is not specified in the provided information.

This reopening of the Public Housing waiting list presents a significant opportunity for individuals and families seeking affordable housing in the Pasco and Franklin County area. For more information and to access the application, please visit the official HACPFC website or contact them directly for assistance. Don’t miss this chance to secure a place on the waiting list for these much-needed housing opportunities.

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