Broome County Takes Action to Keep Migrants from Relocating with NYC Vouchers

Binghamton, NY [Wednesday, October 11, 2023] – In a recent development, Broome County Executive Jason Garnar has issued an emergency order to prevent migrants from relocating to the area using New York City housing vouchers. This move comes in response to New York City’s recent decision to allow migrants to use housing allowances outside the metropolitan area as a measure to ease the strain on resources due to an influx of refugees.*
Garnar has cited the pressing concern of a lack of affordable housing for Broome County’s low-income residents as the primary reason behind this prohibition. He points out that the Department of Social Services (DSS) is already operating at full capacity and simply cannot accommodate additional demand at this time.
New York City’s housing vouchers, intended to support individuals seeking shelter in the city, would provide migrants with $904 for a one-bedroom apartment. This sum far surpasses the housing assistance provided to local residents by the Department of Social Services. Garnar emphasized that such a disparity in housing support would only exacerbate the existing housing crisis for Broome County residents.
Sheriff Fred Akshar has pledged to enforce the new order, much like his office did with a previous prohibition that prevented New York from settling refugees in local hotels.
This decision has ignited a passionate debate among community members, with some supporting Garnar’s stance, citing the need to prioritize local residents’ housing needs. Meanwhile, others argue that Broome County should be more compassionate and welcoming to migrants, particularly those who are fleeing dire circumstances.
Broome County will closely monitor the impact of this emergency order, as the debate over the use of New York City housing vouchers continues to unfold.
For now, it remains to be seen how this directive will influence the lives of migrants and the ongoing discussions surrounding housing assistance and refugee relocation in the region.
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