Lancaster County Housing Authority Revives Housing Voucher Lottery After 16-Year Hiatus

Lancaster, PA – October 11, 2023
The Lancaster County Housing and Redevelopment Authority (LCHRA) recently unveiled the results of its housing voucher lottery waitlist, marking a pivotal moment after 16 years of dormancy. The electronic lottery system randomly selected 500 beneficiaries from 3,291 applicants, offering hope to those in need of housing assistance.
Results can be found at , using application numbers, as individual names aren’t disclosed. LCHRA’s executive director, Justin Eby, explained that the lottery system aims to expedite assistance to those on the waitlist, which had been closed since 2007.
Successful waitlist entrants will be contacted when vouchers become available. It’s crucial to update contact information with the housing authority. Housing vouchers offer rental support, but eligibility depends on income, following HUD guidelines. Income limits for 2023 are based on household size.
As Lancaster County begins this new phase of housing assistance, LCHRA’s commitment to transparency and equity ensures that support is accessible to eligible residents.
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