Lexington City Council Considers Anti-Discrimination Ordinance Amidst Housing Voucher Concerns

Platzner International Group, a real estate company in New Rochelle, has reached a landmark settlement with the state of New York, underlining its commitment to fair housing. The agreement includes setting aside 20 housing units for low-income renters and paying $105,000 in damages, following allegations of discrimination against Westchester residents with Section 8 housing vouchers. New York Attorney General Letitia James announced the importance of this settlement, emphasizing equal housing opportunities for all. The company was accused of explicit discrimination, such as refusing to rent to Section 8 voucher holders and charging excessive rental application fees. As part of the settlement, the company will implement anti-discrimination policies, advertise acceptance of Section 8 vouchers, and provide staff training on fair housing laws. This case highlights the broader issue of housing discrimination based on income sources and the need for inclusive housing practices. The settlement sets a significant precedent for fair housing in New Rochelle and beyond.

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