Navigating Rent Increases in the City of Phoenix Housing Choice Voucher Program

Rent increases in the City of Phoenix Housing Choice Voucher Program can be challenging for tenants. It’s essential to grasp the rules and procedures governing these adjustments for fairness and transparency. Landlords must submit a notice to tenants about rent increases, and a specific form is integral to this process. In this blog, we’ll outline the essential components of this form and guide you through requesting a rent increase in the program.

The Request for Rent Increase/Decrease Form

Landlords must complete the “Request for Rent Increase/Decrease” form to request changes in rent. This form is crucial and needs to be accurately filled out and submitted at least 60 days before the intended effective date of the rent adjustment.

Here are the important details you need to know about the form:

1. Tenant and Landlord Information:

  • Current Rent: This section requires the current rent amount.
  • Requested Rent: Specify the new rent amount, making sure to include taxes.
  • Effective Date: Indicate the date when the proposed rent change will take effect.

2. Contact Information:

  • Landlord’s Name, Contact Email, and Contact Phone: Fill in your contact information.
  • Tenant Name and Unit Address: Provide tenant information, including the unit’s address.

3. Property Details:

  • Square Footage, Number of Bedrooms, Number of Bathrooms: Include property details for accurate comparisons.
  • Amenities Provided by Landlord: Indicate any amenities provided in the unit.

4. Unassisted Units:

  • Provide information on the three most recently leased unassisted units within the premises, if applicable. These units should be of the same size as the one you’re requesting a rent adjustment for.
  • Include the address, unit number, date rented, and rental amount for each unassisted unit.

5. Utility Responsibilities:

  • Indicate whether there have been any changes in utility responsibilities from the original Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract. Check ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as appropriate.

6. Certification:

The form requires a certification of completeness and accuracy. It mandates that the requested rent isn’t higher than that of other unassisted units in the vicinity. Submitting the form entails an evaluation by the Housing Department, comparing the requested rent to market-rate units. The result could be a denial, reduction, or approval of the rent change.

7. Owner Signature and Date:

  • Sign and date the form to complete the submission process.

Adherence to City of Phoenix Housing Choice Voucher Program guidelines is vital. Key points include the need for at least 60 days’ notice for rent increases and a limit of one increase per year. Ensure that requested rent covers taxes and aligns with comparable unassisted units to avoid delays or denials. Understanding and following these rules is crucial for a fair and transparent process for both landlords and tenants.

You can access the form by downloading it from this link:

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