Unlocking Affordable Housing: The City of Phoenix Housing Choice Voucher Program

In the thriving city of Phoenix, Arizona, the dream of affordable housing is within reach, thanks to the City of Phoenix Housing Choice Voucher Program. This program, often known as Section 8, helps eligible individuals and families access safe, private rental housing.

The program’s recent update in Payment Standards, effective from January 1, 2023, determines the financial support participants can receive based on the number of bedrooms. These standards are:

0-Bedroom: $1,613
1-Bedroom: $1,760

 2-Bedroom: $2,088
 3-Bedroom: $2,863
 4-Bedroom: $3,259
 5-Bedroom: $3,748
 6-Bedroom: $4,237

These amounts represent the maximum subsidy the program can provide, ensuring that housing remains affordable for those in need.

For both tenants and landlords, the program offers numerous benefits. Tenants enjoy reduced rent burdens, and landlords gain access to a reliable tenant pool while promoting fair housing practices.

Keep in mind, however, that eligibility criteria apply, and a waiting list may be in place due to high demand. Apply promptly to secure your spot and access the support this program provides.

The City of Phoenix Housing Choice Voucher Program, through its Payment Standards, is making affordable housing a reality for many, fostering inclusivity, and promoting a thriving community in the heart of Phoenix. For more information or to check your eligibility, contact (602) 534-1974 or visit 830 E. Jefferson Street. Together, we create a more equitable and accessible future for all Phoenix residents.

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