Empowering Lives, Empowering Communities: Montgomery Housing Authority’s Section 8 Housing Initiatives

Montgomery, Alabama — In the heart of Montgomery, where community and affordability intersect, stands the Montgomery Housing Authority (MHA). Since 1939, MHA has been a steadfast community partner, striving to provide quality housing and support for families. With a commitment to transparency and convenience, MHA has evolved to become the third-largest public housing authority in Alabama, proudly serving as the largest affordable housing provider in the city.

Who We Are: A Vision of Progress

MHA’s legacy is rooted in its mission to move forward, together. Currently housing over 4,000 families, MHA plays a pivotal role in shaping the living landscape of Montgomery. Within its public housing communities, 1,200 families find secure homes, while an additional 3,068 families benefit from the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8), accessing affordable housing options that enhance their quality of life.

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Quicklinks: Navigating MHA Services with Ease

Board Meeting Notice: Stay informed about MHA’s activities by joining the next Board of Commissioners meeting or signing up to speak.

Pay My Rent: MHA’s Resident Portal ensures convenience for rent payments, allowing residents to set up recurring payments for ease of use.

Submit a Work Order: Need a repair? MHA’s Resident Portal streamlines the process of submitting and tracking maintenance work orders.

Landlord Login: Landlords can access critical unit information, inspection details, and ledger payment history in one convenient location.

Resident/Applicant Login: Residents and applicants can complete online applications, set up individual accounts, and manage multiple applications effortlessly.

Forms & Docs: MHA’s Digital Desk is a virtual hub for fillable forms and essential documents, ensuring accessibility for all.

Impressive Figures: A Testament to Impact

  • 12,583 People Housed Each Day
  • 1,187 MHA Public Housing Units
  • 3,073 Residents in Voucher Families (Section 8)
  • 275 Mixed-Income Housing Units

Our Properties: Foundations for Strong Communities

MHA’s commitment to building strong communities is reflected in its diverse range of properties. Mixed-income housing units, public housing, and voucher-supported residences collectively contribute to the vibrant fabric of Montgomery.

Events Calendar: Stay Connected with MHA Happenings

Stay in the loop with MHA events by keeping an eye on the Events Calendar, a comprehensive guide to all activities and developments.

Recent Headlines: Keeping You Informed

Stay updated with the latest news through MHA’s News section. From announcements to event highlights, this is your go-to source for MHA happenings.

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Visit Our Office: Where Community Comes to Life

Address: 525 South Lawrence St., Montgomery, AL 36104

Office Hours: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Make a call: (334) 206-7200

Send an email: info@mhatoday.org

Connect with MHA: Beyond Housing

Explore MHA’s multifaceted offerings, from resident services to career opportunities. MHA is not just a housing provider; it’s a community hub dedicated to holistic development.

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