Unlocking Affordable Living: Your Guide to Daleville Housing Authority and Section 8 Programs

In the serene city of Daleville, Alabama, the pursuit of affordable and secure housing takes center stage, guided by the Daleville Housing Authority. As a beacon for those seeking affordable living options, this housing authority plays a crucial role in providing housing solutions through its public housing and voucher programs, including the coveted Section 8 program.

Daleville Housing Authority Overview

The Daleville Housing Authority, under the leadership of Executive Director Teresa Reeder and Board Chairperson Annie Dent, manages and oversees a total of 70 units across the city. Committed to transparency and compliance, the housing authority, with the code AL179, submits detailed plans every five years to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Alabama State Office. These plans outline the authority’s strategy, outreach programs, operations, and policies.

Contact Information

  • Address: 101 Donnell Circle, Daleville, AL 36322-5704
  • Phone: (334) 598- 8841 Ext 0
  • Fax: (334) 598 – 9537
  • Email: cityofdaleville1@centurytel.net
  • Code: AL179

Affordable Living Programs in Daleville

The Daleville Housing Authority offers diverse programs catering to different housing needs. These include affordable public housing, housing projects, and subsidized housing throughout Daleville. The overarching goal is to provide secure and affordable housing while maintaining a high level of service for residents.

To explore available apartments, housing units, and accommodations, interested individuals can visit the official website www.hud.gov.

Understanding Affordable and Subsidized Housing

Affordable housing in Daleville, and elsewhere, signifies rental or owner-occupied housing costing 30% or less of one’s gross income. Subsidized housing refers to residences that the government assists in paying for, covering either the entire monthly payment or a portion, based on the individual’s income.

Section 8 Housing: Your Key to Affordable Living

In addition to traditional housing options, the Daleville Housing Authority administers the Section 8 program, a cornerstone in the quest for affordable living. Section 8 provides housing assistance payments to landlords on behalf of qualified voucher recipients. This program ensures that individuals and families can access suitable housing while managing their budgets effectively.

Application Process

For those seeking to apply for affordable housing, including Section 8 in Daleville, the application process is a critical step. To check if the housing authority is currently accepting new applicants, individuals are encouraged to visit the Daleville Housing Authority website.

The application process is dependent on:

  • Annual gross income
  • Age or disability status
  • US citizenship or eligible immigration

Once eligibility is confirmed, and the application is complete, it can be sent to:

Daleville Housing Authority 101 Donnell Circle Daleville, AL 36322-5704

For inquiries or updates, individuals can contact the housing authority at (334) 598- 8841 Ext 0.

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