Unlocking Home: Russellville Housing Authority’s Section 8 Housing Solutions for Inclusive Living

Russellville, AL — Embracing the diversity of Russellville, the Russellville Housing Authority is not just a housing provider; it’s a facilitator of homes, especially through its Section 8 housing solutions. Let’s delve into the varied properties, community initiatives, and the unwavering commitment to Section 8 housing and equal opportunity that defines the Russellville Housing Authority.

Diverse Properties, Vibrant Communities

Russellville Housing Authority takes pride in offering a variety of housing options across the city, including those under the Section 8 program. Each property represents a unique community, contributing to the rich tapestry of Russellville:

  • Eastside Plaza
    • 100 Eastside Plaza, Russellville, AL 35653
  • Engle Plaza
    • 100 Engle Plaza, Russellville, AL 35653
  • Washington Plaza
    • 100 Washington Court Plaza, Russellville, AL 35653
  • Westside Plaza
    • 100 Westside Plaza, Russellville, AL 35653

These Section 8 properties not only serve as homes but also as hubs for community development, fostering connections among residents.

Community Action Beyond Section 8 Housing

Russellville Housing Authority goes beyond providing Section 8 housing. The organization actively participates in the Foster Grandparent Program, promoting intergenerational connections and community support. This initiative reflects a holistic approach to Section 8 community development, emphasizing the importance of relationships beyond housing.

Office Hours and Contact Information for Section 8 Housing

Understanding the significance of accessibility in Section 8 housing, the Russellville Housing Authority ensures availability to address residents’ needs during office hours from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Thursday, with a brief lunch closure from 12:00 to 12:30.

Contact Information for Section 8:

  • Physical Address: 73 Flippen St, Russellville, AL 35653
  • Phone: (256) 332-1561
  • Fax: (256) 332-1568

Equal Housing Opportunity and Smoke-Free Living in Section 8 Homes

Russellville Housing Authority proudly declares its commitment to Section 8 equal housing opportunity. The organization operates without discrimination, offering Section 8 housing without regard to race, color, religion, sex, physical or mental handicap, familial status, national origin, or other protected classes.

To file a Section 8 discrimination complaint, residents are encouraged to contact HUD Director, Office of Civil Rights, or call Customer Service. Russellville Housing Authority is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

In addition to promoting equal Section 8 housing, the Russellville Housing Authority is dedicated to creating a healthy living environment. As a Smoke-Free Housing Authority for Section 8 residents, the organization emphasizes the importance of clean air and a safe atmosphere.

Conclusion: Building Communities, Fostering Homes through Section 8

Russellville Housing Authority Incorporated doesn’t just provide Section 8 shelter; it creates communities and fosters a sense of belonging. With a range of Section 8 properties, community programs, and a commitment to equal opportunity, the Authority stands as a testament to the belief that everyone, including Section 8 residents, deserves a place to call home.

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