Navigating Affordable Housing in Moulton, Alabama: A Guide to Moulton Housing Authority and Section 8

The rising cost of housing makes affordable and secure housing crucial. Moulton Housing Authority in Alabama, including Section 8, offers vital solutions. This blog delves into the Authority’s functions, the application process for subsidized housing, and eligibility criteria.
Moulton Housing Authority and Section 8 Overview
The Moulton Housing Authority (Moulton HA) serves both public housing and voucher programs, including Section 8, catering to the housing needs of its community. With ownership and management of 1 facility encompassing 58 units across the city, the Moulton HA strives to ensure residents have access to safe and affordable housing. To maintain their services, the housing authority follows a rigorous approval process from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Alabama State Office every five years.
Here is the essential contact information for Moulton Housing Authority:
  • Executive Director: Tina Owens
  • Address: 200 Burch Boulevard, Moulton, AL 35650-1504
  • Phone: (256) 974-1196 Ext 0
  • Fax: (256) 974-1197
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Code: AL080
  • Programs Administered: Low-Rent and Section 8
This section discusses the importance of affordable housing in Moulton and the role of Section 8 in providing government aid to cover housing costs. It also explains the application process for Moulton Housing Authority, emphasizing the need to check application status. Eligibility criteria are based on income, age/disability status, and citizenship. The Moulton Housing Authority’s role in ensuring safe and decent housing for low-income families and senior citizens, including Section 8 programs, is highlighted. The blog concludes by commending the Authority’s efforts in providing secure housing solutions and emphasizing the importance of affordable housing as a fundamental right.
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