Building Thriving Communities: Opportunity Home San Antonio’s Mission and Section 8 Housing

Providing Quality Affordable Section 8 Housing for Over Eight Decades

In the heart of San Antonio, a beacon of hope and opportunity has been quietly working to improve lives for over 85 years. Known today as “Opportunity Home San Antonio,” this agency has dedicated itself to building and maintaining affordable Section 8 housing for the city’s residents since 1937. Its mission is clear: to improve the lives of its residents by providing quality affordable Section 8 housing and creating thriving, sustainable communities.

Our Mission

Opportunity Home’s mission is straightforward and impactful: to improve the lives of its residents by providing quality affordable Section 8 housing and building sustainable, thriving communities. With a steadfast commitment to this goal, the organization has striven to create compassionate, equitable, and vibrant communities where people thrive.

Our Impact

San Antonio Area is fortunate to have a high quality of life where all its residents are thriving, thanks to Opportunity Home’s dedication to Section 8 housing. This commitment takes shape in various forms:

  • Affordable Section 8 Housing: Opportunity Home provides housing assistance to more than 62,500 children, adults, and seniors through its Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher, and Mixed-Income Section 8 housing programs.
  • Economic Growth: The agency actively participates in economic growth by awarding local contractors with Section 8 housing development projects, obtaining real estate, and administering rental subsidies with private property owners.
  • Community Building: Opportunity Home is more than just a Section 8 housing provider; it’s a stepping stone for many families working toward self-sufficiency and achieving their dreams of homeownership.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Opportunity Home San Antonio’s impact on Section 8 housing:

  • Rental Vouchers: 13,789 rental vouchers are currently offered to San Antonio families through the Housing Choice Voucher Program, commonly known as Section 8 vouchers.
  • Public Housing: Opportunity Home owns and manages 6,070 public housing units at 74 properties through its Public Housing Program, including Section 8 housing.
  • Mixed-Income Section 8 Housing: Opportunity Home’s mixed-Income housing program, Beacon Communities, offers 4,270 units at 31 properties.
  • Community Partnerships: In partnership with nonprofit entities and other agencies, Opportunity Home offers 7,863 units at 36 properties, including Section 8 housing.
  • Serving the Community: Opportunity Home serves individuals and families with a median family income of approximately $11,000. This includes 62,500 children, adults, and senior-citizens in need of Section 8 housing.
  • Diverse Residents: 46 percent of those served are younger than 18 years old, and 52 percent of resident “heads of households” are elderly and/or disabled, emphasizing the importance of Section 8 housing.

The Transition to Opportunity Home San Antonio

Previously known as the San Antonio Housing Authority, Opportunity Home San Antonio has evolved to focus on compassion, equity, and excellence while continuing its crucial work in the community, particularly in Section 8 housing. A house is a structure, but a Section 8 home is where dreams come alive, and Opportunity Home aims to make this distinction a reality for its residents.

You can connect with Opportunity Home San Antonio at:

  • Address: 818 S Flores St., San Antonio, TX 78204
  • Phone: 210.477.6000

For those seeking affordable Section 8 housing, staying updated on news and events, exploring career opportunities, or simply contacting Opportunity Home, you can visit their official website and follow them on social media.

At Opportunity Home San Antonio, it’s not just about buildings; it’s about building a brighter future for all residents in the heart of Texas through Section 8 housing.

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