Empowering Education: Scholarships Now Available for Public Housing and Section 8 Youth

The Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA) and the Los Angeles County Community Development Foundation are reintroducing the Resident Scholarship Program, with scholarship applications available in November. Last year, this program granted scholarships to 13 dedicated students who were part of the LACDA’s Public Housing and Section 8 Programs.
The Resident Scholarship is bestowed by the LACDF, a non-profit organization established to inspire and provide life-changing opportunities for residents of LACDA’s Public Housing and Section 8 programs. This opportunity is extended to all high school and college students residing in County Public Housing or Section 8 households. The scholarship award amounts are made possible by the generosity of various donors, including Edison International, California Community Foundation, and LACDA employees.
Emilio Salas, the LACDA Executive Director, expressed his delight in witnessing the dedication of students within the Public Housing and Section 8 Programs as they strive to pursue higher education. He highlighted the vital role of partnerships like the one with the LACDF in motivating residents to reach their full potential.
Jeanette Montaño, the LACDF Executive Director, emphasized the profound impact of LACDF scholarships on program participants and their families. These scholarships can have a profound impact on recipients’ lives and academic pursuits. To find out more about the LACDF and how to support the Resident Scholarship program, contact Ms. Montaño at (323) 260-2208. Your support can help open doors to education and brighter futures for Public Housing and Section 8 youth in Los Angeles County.
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