KHA’s Critical Crossroads: Navigating Challenges and Moving Forward

The Killeen Housing Authority (KHA) finds itself at a pivotal moment as it prepares for a special meeting on Friday to address a significant developmentā€”the signing of an interlocal agreement with the Central Texas Council of Governments (CTCOG). This agreement signifies a crucial step in the transfer of the Section 8 rental assistance program to CTCOG. However, recent events and delayed decisions have added complexity to KHA’s path forward.

The Special Meeting:

Scheduled for 8 a.m. this Friday, the KHA Board of Commissioners will convene to discuss and, hopefully, sign the interlocal agreement. The exclusive agenda item underscores the importance of this agreement in the context of the Section 8 takeover. The decision to delay the signing during the last meeting has generated curiosity, with Board Chair Ebony Jackson citing the need for additional time to review the document. It was revealed that the board received a copy of the agreement on the same day as the meeting, raising questions about the haste of the decision-making process.

Challenges on the Horizon:

The challenges facing KHA extend beyond the Section 8 transition. The closure of Moss Rose Community Center due to a lack of insurance looms as a pressing issue. However, this concern is notably absent from the agenda, leaving room for speculation about how it fits into KHA’s broader challenges.

Federal Investigation:

The specter of a federal investigation has hovered over KHA for the past two years, if not longer. The details of the investigation remain unclear, adding an additional layer of complexity to KHA’s current situation. As the organization grapples with these issues, transparency about the investigation’s scope and findings will be crucial for rebuilding trust with the community.

Leadership Concerns:

The delay in appointing KHA consultant Cinda Hayward as the interim executive director raises questions about the organization’s leadership. The decision to postpone the vote to the next regular meeting reflects a desire to address legal considerations, particularly the need for a fidelity bond to protect against potential employee fraud. The November 17 meeting will be a critical juncture for determining KHA’s interim leadership and setting the tone for its future direction.

City of Killeen’s Perspective:

It’s important to note that KHA operates independently from the city of Killeen. Mayor Debbie Nash-King clarified her role during a recent city council meeting, emphasizing her limited involvement in appointing or removing KHA board members. Despite concerns raised during the public comment period, Mayor Nash-King reiterated her commitment to the city’s residents and distanced herself from direct involvement in KHA affairs.


As KHA stands at this crossroads, the decisions made in the upcoming special meeting and subsequent regular meetings will shape its future. Transparency, effective leadership, and community engagement will be key to rebuilding trust and ensuring that KHA continues to fulfill its vital role in providing housing assistance to low-income residents. The Section 8 takeover and other challenges offer opportunities for growth and improvement, but navigating these complexities requires careful consideration and collaboration between KHA, CTCOG, and the broader community.

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