Vincent House Breaks Ground on Section 8-Friendly Affordable Housing Complex in Pinellas Park

In a pivotal step towards addressing homelessness among individuals managing mental health challenges, Vincent House is poised to initiate the construction of a six-unit apartment complex in Pinellas Park. Anticipated to break ground in the first quarter of 2024, this endeavor is contingent upon securing sufficient funding, including potential Section 8 assistance.

Vision and Mission: Founded in 2003 by Elliott and Dianne Steele, Vincent House, a non-clinical community-based program, strives to enhance the social and vocational skills of its members, particularly those on the brink of homelessness. The upcoming apartment complex is strategically designed to cater to the unique needs of individuals with mental illness, emphasizing the importance of stability, community integration, and the potential support of Section 8 vouchers.

Community Support and Donations: Mark A. Ballenger Sr., a Vincent House board member, and his wife generously donated two undeveloped lots for the project, emphasizing the importance of community backing. Overcoming potential roadblocks in securing funding, the donation reflects a commitment to fostering a holistic approach to affordable housing. The project’s success aligns with the need for more Section 8-friendly housing options in the community.

Holistic Approach and Design Collaboration: Recognizing the challenges of holistic community development, Mark A. Ballenger Sr. emphasized the importance of increased affordable housing, especially those accommodating Section 8 requirements. Collaborating with Vincent House president David Lambert and Namasté Realty LLC, the project’s blueprint is tailored to Section 8 guidelines, ensuring accessibility and affordability for a broader demographic.

Positive Impact and Funding Process: Mark A. Ballenger Sr. highlighted the positive impact of housing stability on individuals with mental illness, emphasizing the potential role of Section 8 vouchers in managing rental rates. While private donors have already contributed, the ongoing funding process involves exploring county assistance, particularly through Section 8 programs.

Moving Forward: Elliott Steele expressed optimism, noting that Vincent House has secured some funding from private donors. The groundbreaking ceremony is slated to commence once the remaining funds, including potential Section 8 support, are secured, marking a significant step in realizing the organization’s mission.

Get Involved: For those interested in supporting or learning more about Vincent House, visit Additional information about the Pinellas Housing Authority, including the Section 8 program, can be found at

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