2023 Ionia County, MI HUD Metro FMR Area's HUD Income Limit

Eligibility for housing vouchers, administered by the Public Housing Authority (PHA), hinges on total annual income and family size. It's limited to U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizens. Income should not surpass 50% of the local median income, and 75% of vouchers are directed to those with incomes below 30% of the median. Median income figures vary by location and are published by HUD. During the application process, PHA collects and verifies family data. Eligible families are placed on a waiting list until a voucher becomes available, granting access to affordable housing in the private market.
To qualify for Section 8 assistance, your household's income must meet specific criteria based on its size. Here are the income limits:
Year Household Size Extremely Low (30%) Very Low (50%) Low (80%)
2023 1 People $16,250 $27,100 $43,350
2023 2 People $19,720 $31,000 $49,550
2023 3 People $24,860 $34,850 $55,750
2023 4 People $30,000 $38,700 $61,900
2023 5 People $35,140 $41,800 $66,900
2023 6 People $40,280 $44,900 $71,850
2023 7 People $45,420 $48,000 $76,800
2023 8 People $50,560 $51,100 $81,750
Verify your income eligibility within local limits. Contact your nearby Public Housing Agency for details and Section 8 application.

Monitoring Section 8 Housing Waitlist

One of the most crucial aspects of the Section 8 housing journey is staying informed about your application's status and keeping track of updates on the waitlist. To help you with this process, here are some valuable tips to consider:

Contacting Your Local PHA: Your local Public Housing Agency (PHA) is your main source for Section 8 application and waitlist status information.Reach out to them to receive updates and insights into your current position.

Maintaining Accurate Contact Information: Make sure the PHA has your accurate contact information, including phone number, email, and mailing address.Timely updates rely on this information being up to date.

Regularly Checking for Communication: Keep a vigilant eye on your email, postal mail, and phone calls. These are the channels through which PHAs typically notify applicants when their names move up the waitlist. Missing a notification could lead to losing your place in line.

Online Portals: Some PHAs offer online portals or websites where you can check your application status and your position on the waitlist. If your local PHA provides this option, create an account and frequently log in to look for updates.

Local News and Social Media: Stay informed about Section 8 updates in your area through local news outlets, social media, or the PHA's website. Important announcements, such as open waitlist periods or policy changes, can be found here.

Visiting the PHA Office: You can visit your local PHA in person for an in-person inquiry about your waitlist status if you prefer a face-to-face approach. Don't forget to bring identification and any relevant application information with you.

Patience: It's important to recognize that Section 8 housing waitlists can be extensive, and it may take time before your name is called. Be prepared to exercise patience and wait for your turn.

HelloSection8.com: An additional resource you can explore to monitor the Section 8 waitlist is HelloSection8.com. This website offers valuable information and updates related to Section 8 waiting lists.

Remember, the Section 8 program is highly sought after, and waitlists can vary in length and accessibility based on your location. Staying proactive and maintaining open communication with your local PHA is essential to ensure that you receive timely updates about your status on the waitlist.

Year     Median Family Income Income Limit Category Persons in Family - Ionia County, MI HUD Metro FMR Area
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
2023 $82,600 Very Low (50%) Income Limits ($) $27,100 $31,000 $34,850 $38,700 $41,800 $44,900 $48,000 $51,100
Extremely Low Income Limits ($)* $16,250 $19,720 $24,860 $30,000 $35,140 $40,280 $45,420 $50,560
Low (80%) Income Limits ($) $43,350 $49,550 $55,750 $61,900 $66,900 $71,850 $76,800 $81,750
2022 $73,100 Very Low (50%) Income Limits ($) $25,600 $29,250 $32,900 $36,550 $39,500 $42,400 $45,350 $48,250
Extremely Low Income Limits ($)* $15,400 $18,310 $23,030 $27,750 $32,470 $37,190 $41,910 $46,630
Low (80%) Income Limits ($) $40,950 $46,800 $52,650 $58,500 $63,200 $67,900 $72,550 $77,250

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