Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

Phone: 787-761-0172 | Fax: 787-292-1604
Open Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2023
Close Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2023
Submit by: Hieu Nguyen Message: The Alto Housing Authority (AHA) is currently accepting applications for its Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher waiting list, with the application window open from September 1, 2023, at 12:00 am, until December 31, 2023, at 11:59 pm CT. Interested individuals can apply online during this period. This waiting list gives preference to specific groups, including the elderly, disabled individuals (with government disability proof), applicants with a household member who has held consecutive employment with the same employer for over 6 months, and those who have lived in Cherokee County for at least 6 months prior to their application date. Applicants will be prioritized based on the date and time their applications are received, with consideration given to these preferences. This opportunity provides a chance for eligible individuals and families to access housing assistance in Alto, underlining the AHA's commitment to supporting these designated priority groups.
Exec dir email:
Section 8 unit CNT: 511
HA section 8 size category: Medium High (300-999)
HA section 8 combined size category: Medium High (300-999)
HA program type: Section 8
Section 8 Occupied: 366
Total Occupied: 366
PCT Occupied: 73.05000305%
Spending Per Month: $574
Spending Per Month Previous Year: $571
Children MBR CNT: 387
Elderly Percentage: 4%
PCT Disable LT62 ALL: 3%
PCT LT80 Median: 97%
Media Income Amount: $5,724
CBSA NM: San Juan-Bayamsn-Caguas, PR Metropolitan Statistical Area
MSGUSPS: House # not found on this street
Annual Expense Amount: $2,580,961
Annual Expense Amount Previous Year: $2,585,116
Last Update DTTM: 2022/01/06 19:12:45+00