Housing Authority of the City of Charleston


700 S Elm St, Charleston, MO 63834

Phone: (573) 683-6104 | Fax: 573-683-6809
Open Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2023
Close Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2023
Submit by: Message: The Housing Authority of the City of Charleston is opening a waitlist for Project-Based Vouchers for Project 17 units. There are specific application dates for different bedroom sizes: one bedroom on November 15, two bedrooms on November 16, and three bedrooms on November 17, 2023. Online applications will open at 12:00 noon each day and close when the waitlist is filled or at 3:00 pm EST, whichever comes first. Applications must be completed online, and accommodations can be made for individuals with physical or mental impairments. The Housing Authority is committed to equal housing opportunities as per the Fair Housing Act. For more information, visit their website at https://chacity.myhousing.com/.
Exec dir email: paulpha@sbcglobal.net
PHAS designation: High Performer
HA low rent size category: Medium Low (100-299)
HA section 8 size category: Very Small (0-49)
HA section 8 combined size category: Medium Low (100-299)
HA program type: Low-rent
Total units: 277
Total dwelling units: 277
ACC units: 278
PH Occupied: 272
Total Occupied: 272
PCT Occupied: 98.19000244%
OPFUND Amount: $968,364
OPFUND Amount Previous Year: $879,563
CAPFUND Amount: $740,428
CAPFUND Amount Previous Year: $740,428
Spending Per Month: $524
Spending Per Month Previous Year: $506
Children MBR CNT: 314
Elderly Percentage: 7%
PCT Disable LT62 ALL: 10%
PCT LT80 Median: 98%
Media Income Amount: $9,528
MSGUSPS: 100% Overall probable correctness
Annual Expense Amount: $1,708,792
Annual Expense Amount Previous Year: $1,619,991
Last Update DTTM: 2022/01/06 19:12:45+00

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Sakita Clark

I visit this location because my mom lives in the area