Maintaining Privacy for your Section 8 Tenants 2018-12-19 18:33:29

Renting out property through the Section 8 voucher program is a way to help low-income families without decreasing the income you can receive through your holdings. As a landlord, I have rented to Section 8 tenants for many years, and have found the experience to be deeply rewarding, and financially beneficial to me. When you rent an apartment or home to a tenant who has a Section 8 voucher, your rent is paid in part through the Section 8 program, and in part by the tenant. Though there is some stigma that surrounds low-income families, the benefits of the Section 8 program mean that your financial situation is actually more stable and more reliable than with other tenants.


One of the key aspects of being a successful Section 8 landlord is to provide your tenants with understanding, respect, and support. One of the major benefits of receiving a Section 8 voucher is that families are finally able to afford nice, adequate housing for themselves. Many people who qualify this program struggle for years waiting to be approved and once a voucher is in hand, they also have to wait to find an appropriate property in the right area.


Considering the hard work that these tenants must do to secure a property, and the personal hardships they may be facing, it is unkind and unfair for landlords to discuss the private financial affairs of their tenants with other parties. I urge you to treat the financial affairs of each of your tenants with complete privacy and respect.


Privacy for Section 8 tenants


There is a lot of stigma surrounding low-income citizens, and the families who need the support of a Section 8 voucher to find nice housing for their families. Many people are low-income through circumstance and no fault of their own, and in my personal experience, Section 8 tenants can be among the most reliable and long-term people you can rent to.


There is no law explicitly forbidding a landlord from disclosing that their tenants receive a Section 8 voucher. But, as a landlord renting through the Section 8 program, you are providing an excellent support for people who need assistance. To violate the privacy of these families in their time of need is a rude and potentially damaging thing to do. I believe that in every case, a landlord should respect the privacy of the tenants in their home, and this policy has helped me to develop many respectful relationships with my Section 8 tenants through the years.  


If you rent through the Section 8 program, I do encourage you to become a strong advocate for the program. However, I recommend that you approach this advocacy with personal privacy in mind, and never disclose any personal information about your tenants without their consent.


A service to your tenants


When you provide affordable, adequate housing through the Section 8 program, you and helping many families to provide more for their children, and to overcome hardship. This program is a service to your tenants that can also benefit you, as the landlord, provided you take the time to understand your tenants, and you approach them with courtesy and respect.