Public housing said to meet with residents of the Gladiolus 2019-01-03 02:40:53

The Deputy Administrator of the Unit anticipated that the first units of the new Renaissance Square project could be delivered this month

The project type walk-up Renaissance Square, built in the area that formerly occupied the towers of the Gladioli public housing complex, was developed by the firm McCormack Baron Salaza. (Luis Alcalá del Olmo)


The public housing administration denied yesterday that it fails to comply with the agreements reached with so exresidentes of The Gladiolus returned to reside at the new project Renaissance Square, built in the area in which they placed housing towers.

"Has not changed (the agreement)." Since the developer started the project Renaissance Square, was known that 56 of 140 units would be for public housing and, of those, they were going to take priority", said the Deputy Administrator of public housing, William Rodríguez.

On Monday, a group of Las Gladiolus exresidentes reported that public housing and Enterprise Developer and administrator of the new complex type walk-up looking "tired" them so that they desist from returning to the place.

Mirta Colón community leader complained that, without reason, stopped the monthly meetings with the developer, it has not focused on families on the process of reaccommodation and agreed admission requirements were changed. As a result, fewer residents qualify to live in the place due to new revenues, according to Colon-related parameters.

Rodriguez, however, rejected the information and said seeking options for families. However, recognized that the 140 units, only 56 respond to the public housing programme, whose parameters of income tend to be more accessible.

Other 28 units fall into the section 8 program, 27 belong to Low Income Housing Tax Credits the (LIHTC) and 29 to the private market.

"Yes, I've communicated with the developer, and the families who have not qualified has given the opportunity to enter with the incomes of the private market." They are people who have a higher income, but they want to join the subsidized units", said Rodriguez.

While under the program of public housing rents reach an average maximum of $500 per month, the apartments of three rooms appointed to the private market, in the project, they can reach the $825, a figure that is considerably greater.

According to the official, the developer of the project, identified as McCormack Baron Salaza, notified that they have communicated with all the exresidentes of the interested Gladioli in return.

They would have available

While it is anticipated that you among 56 designated units to the public housing program a surplus would have, Rodriguez stressed that these not can be assigned to the former residents of the Gladioli if they do not comply with the requirements.

Following the implosion of the towers in 2011, several of those residents interested in return passed to other programs such as section 8, and currently do not meet the requirements for public housing.

Another situation that may arise is that the available units do not respond to the needs of the resident. "Yes, we are ready to see case to case and check if some element was taken into consideration," said the official.

At the time, units of public housing in the project only have been offered to residents of the Gladiolus, but Rodriguez did not rule out that after the purification process opens the call to other families who remain on waiting list.