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Moving to: Salem , AL
Total tenants:2
Voucher limit:$1,000 per month
Rent portion:100 per month
Looking for:3 bedrooms

My name is **** **** I am 26 years old and I am born and raised from Auburn AL I am a single mother of a five year old son that we all call Mj I graduated from Auburn High School in 2014 and attended Alabama AM University right after After two years of attending college in 2016 I found out that I was pregnant My sons father and I decided on taking a break from school to focus on finances for our upcoming child When I became five months pregnant a few weeks before discovering the gender of our child my sons father was murdered I was shattered into pieces but I was still focusing on my mission of being healthy giving birth to my son and continuing my classes to complete college However I had no family or support in the area so my family demanded I come back home to give birth to my child and have support After giving birth to my son in 2017 I stepped back into my talents of being a hairstylist I picked up on much clientele and decided that I would attend cosmetology school to receive my license I was accepted into Paul Mitchell Beauty School of Atlanta and was ecstatic about moving and attending my first dream school right after my son turned one In 2018 a week before my sons birthday I had a tragic accident where my hair caught a fire and left me with first second and third degree burns All of my plans were rearranged once again I was hospitalized for almost 6 months and have had a number of eight surgeries in total but by the grace of God Im still here My testimony has reached many people across the world and it gave me the opportunity to become a motivational speaker that allows me to share my story After years of being a disabled recipient I started working from home and am currently awaiting a new project from my agency starting in September but I strive and work hard to provide for my son After a year plus of recovering I have been trying to pick up the pieces to get my life back on track for me and my son My mom purchased a home in 2019 and me and my son moved with her and my brother Before we were all living in our family home with my grandparents but now it is just my son and I my mother and brother I love and appreciate my family dearly but it is time for me to fly again with my son on my back I have been looking for housing for about a year now and just havent had any luck Then I received mail that it was my time to receive my housing voucher that I applied for when I was pregnant with my son I thought that the authorities skipped me or forgot about my application because I never heard back from them but what a blessing it is that I now have assistance It has been difficult finding someone who would be willing to accept housing vouchers in the area so Ive been looking around the city for rent signs and almost every website you can imagine for rentals I honestly just do not want to miss this opportunity to use the voucher because if I dont find housing I can lose the voucher after waiting five years If I do not become your future tenant I completely understand However I hope to hear from you soon

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