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Joined: Wed, Apr 13, 2022
Last Login: Wed, Apr 13, 2022
Moving to: Hawthorne, CA
Total tenants:4
Voucher limit:$2,100 per month
Rent portion:487 per month
Looking for:4 bedrooms

HelloMy name is Trina Flowers I live in Hawthorne California but i am trying to move to Bellingham Washington by the end of October #*#*# hidden# I am a single mom of 4 kids A 20yr old daughter 17yr old son 14yr old daughter and 3yr old daughter We do have pets we have a service dog for my daughter and 2 cats I work for amazon but im on a disability leave at the moment I have a section 8 voucher for the city of Hawthorne California Right now we live in a 3 bedroom 2 bath apartment Im hoping i can get a 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom 2 bath apartment house or town home if my voucher is in the price range in bellingham If im able to afford a home or town home i would like a backyard for my toddler to play and a garage or carport for my car Im not familiar with the housing authority in bellingham but I have emailed the portability office in Bellingham for information on how to get my voucher to transfer out of state

I got my LA county Section 8 voucher back in 2008 my voucher was for 2 bedrooms 1 bath Apartment or home that was in a 1700 range for me and my 3 children at that time The first apartment that we got was in Torrance CA We stayed there for 2 years But found out the landlord was doing the tenants including me very dirty and not handling ourIssues with molds and using our rent money for her financial pleasure like buying new cars and getting plastic surgery and not doing her landlord duties me and nine other tenants filed a lawsuit that we won After we won the lawsuit we moved from that apartment to another 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment Also in Torrance We also stayed there for 2 years Because of racism We had to leave that apartment building After 2 years We moved to a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom house In Lancaster CA where we stayed for almost 3 years Because I became pregnant My voucher was raised to 2100 AndI was able to get a 3 bedroom On my voucher We were able to get the four bedroom house because the price was still in my voucher range I was having a hard time with my pregnancy and was in a bad domestic violence relationship and the area we were living in was extremely dangerous with gangs and sexual assaults which happend to my oldest daughter and thats why we have a service dog we had to move me and my children out of Lancaster for our safety we moved in with my grandmother in Carson California We stayed with my grandmother for a couple of months before we found the apartment that were living in nowI ts a 3 bedroom 2 bath apartment here in Hawthorne CA And we have been here for 3 years And now we are ready to move out of California to Bellingham WA My best friend moved to BellinghamA year ago Ever since then Ive been visiting her driving up there with my kids and we fell in love With the city and the state We were just out there Thanksgiving week To look at apartments but because of the rain it made it just a little hard to look for the apartments So Im trying to look for them online here in California My credit score Is between #*#*# hidden# Background check I dont mind I dont have a criminal history Ive never been evicted i think my background check is really good actually those are My Section 8 Apartments in the last5 years

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