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Total tenants:1
Voucher limit:$1,550 per month
Rent portion:250 per month
Looking for:1 bedroom
Move-in Date:2024-01-05

I am a 64 year old single woman looking to me at saint Johns county in saint augustine FL At the end of my lease ialways lived in miami beach fl This December I moved to NJ for personal and family reasons for one year only I have a section 8 voucher I would like to rent a one bedroom apt in that area I dont have pets my income is SSI I am retired I live alone I work out every day I read a lot I pay my rent on time I conduct a quiet and relaxed life I have a small car Please if you have any vacancies or place me on a waiting list it would be amazingThank you

Jan #*#*# hidden# Mullica Hill Rd apt A205 glassboro nj 08028to present time2019 to #*#*# hidden# Calais Dr Apr 1 miami beach fl #*#*# hidden# reason for leaving landlord sold building 2017 to 2019 sioux city Iowa #*#*# hidden# st Reason for leaving moving back to miami2008 to #*#*# hidden# harding ave apt 18 miami beach fl #*#*# hidden# reason for leaving moving to Iowa for one year

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Total tenants:3
Voucher limit:$1,128 per month
Rent portion:245 per month
Looking for:0 bedroom

Move date is as early as #*#*# hidden# Jacksonville housing authority door dash employment about 1600 monthly Im just asking on the income I can bring it inMale 18 Female 47 Female 9

I been in the house Im living in now for 5 years I have a couple of things on my background they are near 20 years ago my credit score has dropped I was in a accident that made me unable to work for a while

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Total tenants:4
Voucher limit:$1,226 per month
Rent portion:50 per month
Looking for:3 bedrooms

Hello my name is precious I am a female 28 moving date November 30th 2022

One year running history background is good credit score is good

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Total tenants:1
Voucher limit:$900 per month
Rent portion:300 per month
Looking for:1 bedroom

I would like to be able to move in November around the 1st my vouchers up in the 26th of November

I loved it Daytona Beach Florida for The last 5 years apartment I stayed at was Ridgewood avenue apartments

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Total tenants:1
Voucher limit:$1,000 per month
Rent portion:1 per month
Looking for:1 bedroom

57 year old female one dog a chihuahua did you get movein date is as soon as something is available I am on Social Security I receive 841 a month and my section 8 voucher is good for up to 1000 a month

one year at Daytona Housing Authority Apartments two years at Ridgewood Apartments on Ridgewood Avenue Daytona Florida 2 years living with family and Saint Augustine Florida background is no criminal history and credit score is in the midtohigh 500s

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Total tenants:2
Voucher limit:
Rent portion:400 per month
Looking for:1 bedroom

It would be me A biological female whose 24 and a 19yearold biological female who isnt able to work and has applied for disability we make 400 every 2 weeks but work keeps messing with my schedule but we are getting removed from our place for reasons out of our control and just need a studio to onebedroom thats cheap One income of 400 biweekly before tax Anything helps I work at Panera bread on tingle court getting a new better higher paying job in roughly two months

Ive only been renting for roughly two years with as far as Im aware no evictions Ive rented a studio and a one bedroom so far

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