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Total tenants:1
Voucher limit:
Rent portion:249 per month
Looking for:1 bedroom

Baltimore CountyMd 1 Bdr Voucher 68yMale no Pets SSI Income

Housing Authority Baltimore County Vouchers 2017

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Total tenants:6
Voucher limit:$2,280 per month
Rent portion:496 per month
Looking for:4 bedrooms

#*#*# hidden# december 1st baltimore county section8 social security ssi ssi baltimore county school system i have fish and i have 2 cars im deposit ready

i have great rental history the house i live in now ive been here for 3 years and before that 1 year and before that a year ive been with the same property manger for the last 5 years

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Total tenants:5
Voucher limit:$2,238 per month
Rent portion:169 per month
Looking for:4 bedrooms

3 year old boy 5 year old boy 8 year old girl 11 year old boy 29 year old female adult deposit 1 month of rent no pets

Ive been in public housing for 3 years and previously renting with someone

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Total tenants:2
Voucher limit:$3,000 per month
Rent portion:300 per month
Looking for:3 bedrooms

40 female 17 female Baltimore County

Id get an RTAv and move sooner then lease up next yr March if find something like Perfect rental history no criminal background no drug use or smoking good credit

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Total tenants:3
Voucher limit:$1,400 per month
Rent portion:0 per month
Looking for:3 bedrooms
Move-in Date:2022-12-15

Looking for a home for myself and my 2 children I am 43 my son Jared is 19 and my son Adrian is almost 4 years old Im looking for a singlefamily home but town homes are okay I have dog 2years old he is a bully and weighs about 50lbs My need for housing is urgent as my family was recently displaced due to a fire that occurred in an abandoned home next to mine

My credit is okay could be better but Im working on this My rental history is fair for the most part I do have a prior eviction for a home I cosigned for for my brother who tragically passed away Im a hard worker and I take great pride in where live from the inside to the outside

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Total tenants:4
Voucher limit:$2,700 per month
Rent portion:1,600 per month
Looking for:4 bedrooms

3 Children Mother No Pets I Currently Have A Voucher With BRHP Looking To Move In #*#*# hidden# Looking For A Town Home Or Apartment With Private Entrance

6 Years In A Apartment

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Total tenants:5
Voucher limit:
Rent portion:15 per month
Looking for:5 bedrooms

We are looking for Housing due to my voucher size has Increased and me and my family desire a bigger home in a opportunity area that Has a great school system for all my children

My rental history is very simple and adaptable with a community we was not use to but we made it work because of our desire and ambition to be better than than the community we had to shelter ourselves with

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