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Joined: Thu, Mar 16, 2023
Last Login: Thu, Mar 16, 2023
Moving to: Kansas City, KS
Total tenants:4
Voucher limit:$1,300 per month
Rent portion:700 per month
Looking for:4 bedrooms
Move-in Date:2023-04-01

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Joined: Tue, Jan 11, 2022
Last Login: Mon, Sep 26, 2022
Moving to: Kansas city, KS
Total tenants:8
Voucher limit:$1,300 per month
Rent portion:30 per month
Looking for:4 bedrooms

Self **** sierra female age 37Husband Fredrick sierra Jr male age 33SonsFredrick sierra the 3rd male age 13Isaak sierra male age 12Johnny sierra male age 10James sierra male age 10DaughtersJoshlyn sierra female age 6Alajiah sierra female age 5One dog male age 1 12We are working with the kansas city ks housing authority section 8 choice voucher programWe are looking for a 3 maybe 4 bedroom house single family home One but preferably 2 bathrooms Levels dont really matter We would like for the kids to be in a good school district if possiable and neighbor hood Weve kinda had a pretty rough past almost 2 years now and I just want for my kids to be able to be kids again and for us to be able to cherish and enjoy what time we all have left together at easeMy husband has heart failure and pulmonary hypertension at 33yrs old and its on the side thats Un fix able so we dont know just how much longer we will be having him here with us and with him just constantly in and out of the hospital the kids having to see his heart stop on us 3 times now is a bit scary and sad for them Im sure I dont want them to have to worry so much no more I dont want them to have to keep sleeping on family members floors anymore from this family members to the next family members My husband cant work any more and hes always been a very hard worker and provider for his family and I know its killing his pride Spanaway thats a little about us sorry if it was a bit much So it will just be me him and our 6 childrenAlso I have a job already lined up for me at KU Medical center once I get a place to be stable We also get 765 a month ssi for one of our sons he has a learning delay

Rental historyDorothy flores 3 years contact info #*#*# hidden# Dennise Hare2 12 years contact info #*#*# hidden# credit score is about a #*#*# hidden# I dont have bad credit just not really any credit

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Joined: Mon, Sep 14, 2020
Last Login: Mon, May 23, 2022
Moving to: Kansas city, KS
Total tenants:3
Voucher limit:$8,503 per month
Rent portion:24,609 per month
Looking for:4 bedrooms
Move-in Date:2028-10-15

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Joined: Sun, Jan 2, 2022
Last Login: Sun, Feb 6, 2022
Moving to: Kansas City, KS
Total tenants:5
Voucher limit:$1,900 per month
Rent portion:200 per month
Looking for:4 bedrooms

18 M 19 F 21 F 50 F 60 M Section 8 income 700

Lived in the same apartment complex for 10 years with Section 8

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