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Joined: Fri, Mar 18, 2022
Last Login: Fri, Mar 18, 2022
Moving to: Reno, NV
Total tenants:5
Voucher limit:$2,100 per month
Rent portion:600 per month
Looking for:4 bedrooms

I am looking for a preferably 5 bedroom house with handicap accessible featuresI am newly paralyzed and rapidly learning to be self sufficient Because of this injury I am unable to work therefore my source of income is social security in the amount of 1110 monthly My voucher allowance is 2160 for rent and 136 for utilities I am able to have the down payment paid in full by cash and or debitcredit card However if the landlord permits a short payment plan that would be exceptionally helpful2 bathroom would be great however 1 is ok tooI have no preference to 1 or 2 story I just ask if it 2 story that there be a second bathroom on the top floor as well as bottom Close to a middle and high school and or bus system is a plus I do have a 02 Volkswagen that my oldest is learning to drive so when she turns 16 and gets her liscense I will be able to have her help in transporting my kids or myselfI have no preference to parking space or garage If I had to walk a mile to get from parking to my front door I would just be happy I have a home to walk toI have a service animal to keep me company and help with little things around the house when I am alone She is a 3 yr old whitebrindle Beelerchiouia mix whose name is Mookah Shes is fully potty trained and only barks when strangers come to the door or a person gets to close to me when were out in public I have never had a problem or issue with her biting or attack another person

I have never had an eviction or poor rental history in my background or my reports Prior to moving to Reno I lived in lasvegas where I rented a home which I shared with my sister and her childrenI was able to work and save my money to move my family up north to Reno I was over the city life and needed something slower to raise my kids as they got older and more impressionableWe have lived in cold springs for the past 4 going on 5 years this October My rent has never been late and I take pride in making sure my utilities and other bills are paid My credit score at the moment is 666 It just recently dropped down from 731 only because I wanted to start building my credit to work towards owning my first home and applied for revolving credit situation as well as a personal loan in which I have never had a late payment and rarely have a balance left month after monthMy family and I very clean organized and respectful just waiting and wishing for this opportunity to start a new journey in life

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Joined: Sat, Jan 8, 2022
Last Login: Sat, Jan 8, 2022
Moving to: Reno, NV
Total tenants:6
Voucher limit:$2,800 per month
Rent portion:0 per month
Looking for:4 bedrooms

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1126 porter ave 4487 townhome dr

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